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Free Knitting Patterns (eBook) - This is a great download with a lot of patterns for you.

Sears Plain & Fancy Knitting (eBook) - This is a really neat ebook filled with gorgeous vintage patterns.

The Ladies' Workbook (eBook) - Vintage Knitting, Crochet, etc.

Vintage Crochet Patterns (eBook) - Beautiful vintage patterns here in this downloadable ebook.

Antique Pattern Library - Here are a lot of great patterns that are in the public domain.

Lion Brand - Lions Brand Yarn, 1,000+ Free patterns.

Berroco Yarns - 400+ free patterns.

Yesterknits - Old-fashioned patterns. 16 free, 2,500 paid.

DailyKnitter - Over 1,000 free patterns sorted.

Freshisle Fibers - 100+ Harry Potter and illusion knitting patterns.

Black Dog Knits Blog - Free knitting patterns from Australia.

Wool Connection - 3 free patterns.

Cavyshops - Free sock pattern.

Knitting Patterns - A nice blog and small selection of free knitting patterns.

Twin Earth Sock Yarn Supermarket - Free knitting patterns.

Knitting Knotty - Knitting Spinning Fiber Kids Blog.

KnittyBitty - Witty and sophisticated free knitting patterns.

Betty's Loft - A nice collection of free knitting patterns. - Offers patterns and kits for knitting baby sweaters, hats, blankets and toys.

Felted Handbag Workshop - Patterns for felted handbags.

The Merry Knitter - Original knitting patterns.

Ruthie Knits - Free original knitting patterns.

Knit Knaked - Original free patterns.

Karen Bee Knitting - There are 2 free original purse patterns on this site.

The Whole Ball of Yarn - Original patterns for a felted Farmer's Market Bag.

Schrodinger Knits - Free patterns: currently arm warmers, wrist warmers, scarf, baby mitts and hat.

Afghans for Afghans - A quick-knit to make for boys and girls and a great stash buster.

About Knitting - Over 100 Free Knitting Patterns.

Free Knitting Patterns - 100+ clothing and more, including color charts.

Tricotine - Free personal designs to knit.

Jag Knits - Over 300 free knitting patterns for beginners to advanced.

Kiwi Fashion Doll Patterns - Easy sewing and knitting patterns for 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls.

KAF - Free knitting and crochet patterns.

Knit Happens - Free knitting ideas, patterns and tips.

Knitting Pattern Depot - Updated knitting blog.

Material Whirled - Free patterns to knit.

CraftyLibrary - A few patterns to knit.

Purling Sprite - Some free loom knitting patterns.

KnitWhore - Easy, therapeutic projects by three frazzled university students.

Amanda Knits - Features knitting patterns and tips and tricks from a wonderful freelance designer.

Just Another Day - Contains links to free knitting patterns. They are free word documents to download and enjoy! - A huge collection of free patterns.

Oceanwind Knits - Patterns and designs by a talented knit designer.

Blossom Knitwear - A collection of free knitting designs.

Craft Town - Lots of free knitting patterns.

Knitting Pattern Central - Over 300+ free knitting patterns.

SpinCraft - Over 100 free knitting patterns.

Yarn Lover's Room - 50+ free knitting patterns.

Drops Design - Thousands of free knitting patterns.

Frugal Knitting Haus Free Patterns - 70+ free knitting patterns.

Aussie Jean's Toy Knitting Patterns - A bunch of free knitting patterns.

Hello Yarn - Large database of free knitting patterns.

Wool Works Patterns - Hundreds of free knitting patterns.

Chicknits - A bunch of free knitting patterns for you to use.

Marnie McLean - 50+ free knitting patterns.

All Free Crafts - 50+ free knitting patterns.

Straw.Com - Over 200 free knitting patterns.

Sock Knitters - 200+ free sock knitting patterns.

Knitting Fever - A wonderful site for the adventurous and hard-working knitter!

Free Patterns - If you want free Knitting Patterns, you'll love this site. Free Knitting, cross-stitch, quilting, crafts, plastic canvas, and knitting patterns.

Knitting OK - Free Knitting Patterns and Knitting Yarn items.

Woolworks - Free patterns for hand knitters. Knitting for babies and children. Afghans and throws. Facecloths, etc.

Free Knitting Patterns - A list of links to free patterns all over the web. Barbie Knitting Patterns, Garter Stitch, Teddy Sweater (for preemies too).

If you like Knitting, you'll love Crochet! (New Crochet Resources & Sites of note)...

About Crochet- Resource on how to Crochet, with free patterns.

Crochet Central - Over 90 categories full of Crochet patterns.

Lions Craft - Register for free to get access to over 1,000 free Crochet patterns.

Crochet 'N More - Over 300 Crochet patterns to choose from.

Smart Crochet - 300 unique filet Crochet patterns.

Knitting Crochet - A large collect of Crochet patterns assorted by garment.

Home Inreach - Thousands upon thousands of Crochet Patterns for free.

Crochet Treasures - Many patterns sorted by type.

Craft Town, Baby - A collection of select Crochet patterns for baby.

Kaleidesigns - Over 100 Crochet patterns for free use.

Craft Yarn Council - A large selection of professionally designed crochet patterns for free.

Christmas Crochet - A small free site for Christmas Crochet projects.

Hass Design - A collection of online printable Crochet patterns.

AOL Crochet - Simple Crochet patterns form the AOL user group.

Shona's Patterns - Free original Crochet patterns.

Craft Designs 4 U - A couple of Crochet patterns with instructions.

Touching Little Lives - A small collection of baby Crochet patterns.

BB Crafts - A list of Bandana Crochet patterns.

String Patterns - A short list of free Crochet patterns, including dog patterns.

Crochet Kitty - Selection of designs for classic and vintage projects.

Crochet World - Nice Crochet pattern site with instructions for making hook handles.

DogGoneKnit - Dog sweater knitting and crochet patterns. Also discussion group.

Easy and Cheap Crafts - Nine-sided kitchen mat, a bookmark, coasters, slippers, purse, and other small items.

Want more free Knitting Patterns? Try these great search engines: